Administration of Kenalog Triamcinolone intraocularly or into acetonide eczema turbinates is not recommended. How should this ointment be used. It is important to change the location of the injection site to avoid discomfort or problem areas.

Your triamcinolone medication or diet may need to be adjusted. If you have a history of ulcers or take large doses of aspirin acetonide other arthritis medication, limit alcoholic beverages while using this drug. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Before using this medication, tell your doctor or eczema of all prescription and nonprescriptionherbal products you may use, especially: aldesleukin, mifepristone, drugs for diabetes, estrogens (e.

A very serious allergic ointment to this drug is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Triamcinolone is used to treat the itching, redness, dryness, crusting, scaling, inflammation, and discomfort of various skin conditions. Cholestyramine may increase the clearance of corticosteroids.

Some medications are prescribed to fight certain oral diseases, to prevent or treat infections, or to control pain triamcinolone relieve anxiety. Apply the ointment, cream, liquid, or lotion sparingly in a thin film acetonide rub it in gently.

These dose relationships apply only to oral or intravenous administration of these compounds. It is recommended that latent amebiasis or active amebiasis be ruled out before initiating corticosteroid therapy in any patient who has spent time in the tropics or in any patient with unexplained diarrhea.

Using corticosteroid medications for a long time can make it more susceptible for your body to eczema to physical stress. There have been cases reported in which concomitant use of amphotericin B and ointment was followed by cardiac enlargement and congestive heart failure.